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LSU Legacy Brett Bordelon goes in depth on his LSU commitment, his season and more...

Brett Bordelon out of Isidore Newman in New Orleans is one of the the top players in the state of Louisiana for the 2025 cycle and committed to the Tigers in December of 2022. Bordelon is has added some size recently and is currently 6'5"-295 lbs and up to 295 lbs. The 247 Sports Composite has him rated a 4 Star OT and a National Ranking of No. 288, Offensive Tackle No. 25, and No. 11 in LA.

I asked Bordelon who he has offers from and he replied " I am fortunate I have multiple offers from great universities. Over 30 now." Those offers include LSU, Alabama and Georgia. He is listed as an offensive tackle and I asked if that is where he plans on staying and he added "I am currently playing Left Tackle and plan to be that throughout high school. In college, I know they play the best 5 lineman. I am prepared to play wherever the team needs me to play. Tackle, guard or center."

Being the 2nd player committed to the 2025 recruiting class I ask if he is actively recruiting other guys to join him "Yes I have been taking a leadership role in helping recruit for our class. I spend time staying in touch with other guys and spending some time on campus when they come." On his pitch to potential classmates " I'm talking to all of the different great guys in my class. The pitch is, let’s put together the best class for LSU and then go win multiple National Championships. With the coaching staff, support staff, facilities, fans, environment and more- there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to come here and win championships."

The Bordelon name is one that stands out and it is because his Dad is former Second-Team All-SEC Offensive lineman Ben Bordelon who played from 1993-1996 and his brother Bo Bordelon is a Sophomore Offensive Lineman at LSU. So i asked Brett what was it that made him realize LSU was the school for HIM ? He replied with "I obviously grew up a Tiger fan. I was at games before I turned 1. My dad played and brother is here now as you mentioned. I really was open minded during the recruiting process. I went see some great programs and met some amazing people. However after the Alabama game was when I knew I wanted to stay home. Then I went to the SEC Championship and saw Georgia beat LSU. Then I really knew I wanted to commit. I knew then that I could not see myself wearing any other uniform than purple and gold. I wanted to play one day in the SEC championship and win it for LSU."

What’s the LSU staffs pitch to him and how does he feel about the push they are having in bringing Louisiana guys home and also the amount of guys staying in state in the 2024 class? He said "The staff at LSU is awesome. Coach Kelly really has assembled one of the top staffs in the nation. I am confident in the process they are doing and how they are getting results. They really have focused on getting the Louisiana guys to stay at LSU. They sold me hard and talked about the importance of keeping Louisiana kids at home. We can build from that base." On his relationship with the staff "I talk to a few on the staff. However my most communication comes with Coach Davis. I love him. He’s so honest and real. You can tell he knows his job so well, makes his players better, expects the same from everyone, sets a high expectation for the O-Line and he loves LSU. I can’t wait to play for him."

On how he feels about his last season "Last season went ok. I think we could of ended the season stronger as a team. We did some great things as a team that I am proud of you but you always look back and think how we can improve." What has been working on and his plans for his Junior season " I am very excited about next season. Personally I am training harder than I have trained. I have gotten taller, bigger and much stronger. All of those are important but also while being athletic. You can't play this game if you aren’t athletic. I’ve also been focusing on more on refining my technique on pass and run blocking. Hand strike, hand placement, different footwork for different situations, second step on run blocking, second level blocking and much more. I am very excited and confident going into next season. Both personally and for our team. Looking forward to see some guys step up this season for us. It will be awesome."

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