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2024 LSU Baseball Commit Cam Caminiti on his Recent Re-Classification and his LSU Future

On June 6th LSU Baseball commitment Cam Caminiti reclassified from the 2025 to the 2024 class and I was able to get in touch with him to discuss what went into that, his future at LSU and more.

Caminiti is a 6'2"-195 lbs 2-way player out of Scottsdale, AZ and plays OF/1B and is also a Left Handed Pitcher. Perfect Game gives him a 9 rating. If you are not familiar with their rating system a rating of 9 is as follows : *Potential top 10 round pick and/or highest level college prospect*.

Perfect Game Ranking

National Overall No. 10 & Position Rank OF No. 6

Arizona Overall No. 1 & Position Rank OF No. 1

Junior Season Stats from Saguaro :

.446 Batting Average , .591 On-Base Percentage, .800 Slugging, 1.391 On-Base + Slugging

In 88 plate appearances he struck out 12 times and managed to get to base on balls 33 times. He reached base with 29 singles, 7 doubles, 2 triples and 4 homers, 25 RBI and 29 Runs

Arizona 4A State Offensive Player of the Year

Many may wonder why he decided to re-classify to the 2024 class. Cam commented "My early development and my opportunity to reach my goals sooner." When speaking of his development, from 2019 to now his fastball has gained increased by 21 mph to 96 mph which puts his in the 99.9% percentile of his class. As a hitter his exit velo is 90 mph and is in the 93% percentile of his class.

On his relationship with the LSU staff "I have been talking with Coach Jay since 8th grade. He has always been good to me!" Cam said it didn't take long to know LSU was where he wanted to be, stating "The atmosphere and culture was electric and I knew right away that’s where I wanted to be." He details more in the video below . Other schools he was heavily considering "Arizona, Oregon State and Vanderbilt."

Cam in an interview with Cronkite News

On what are some of his favorite accomplishments he listed

AZ 4A player of the Year.

Winning PG elite with Chi town cream.

2x Perfect Game Select Fest Alumni.

Perfect Game 2 way player of the year.

When dealing with players the caliber of Caminiti you always fear the MLB Draft and the thought of them never getting to campus . I asked Cam his thoughts on the draft and what his plans were and he stated "I’m focused on playing the best version of baseball I possibly can. What’s supposed to happen will happen. My only focus is being the best Cam Caminiti possible both on and off the field. I plan for that to remain my focus and allow time to do the rest."

He says he is looking forward to playing with some of these current Tiger commits "I have played with Derek Curiel, Connor Griffin, Mathew Champion, David Hogg, Omar Serna and Vaughn Necker. I have a good relationship with all those guys and can’t wait to gear it up at LSU with them.

He also wanted to give thanks to those that helped him to get where he is today "I wouldn't be where I am at today without my parents and my coaches that I have had along the way. I have been fortunate to have some really great folks behind me."

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