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Discovering the Future of Softball: A Journey with Kensi Arringdale

Softball is such an awesome sport, right? It's all about grace, power, and precision, and people everywhere just love it! Today, let's dive into discovering the future of softball with a super talented player - Kensi Arringdale. She's a top-notch middle infielder repping the class of 2026 High School Prospects, all the way from beautiful Iowa.

The Rise of a Star: Kensi Arringdale

Kensi Arringdale

Class of 2026 Sophomore at Ankeny High School

Mojo Lewis


Travel Ball Statistics - After 15 games

Average - .444 | On-Base Percentage - .500 | Runs Batted In - 11 | Runs Scored - 14

High School Statistics - After 16 Games

Average - .559 | On-Base Percentage - .606 | OPS - 1.437 | Runs Batted In - 14 | Runs Scored - 24

Arringdale has demonstrated exceptional prowess in the realm of softball, showcasing remarkable skills and a genuine love for the sport. Her accolades include being recognized as a 2-time Select30 Player and a USSSA All-American, underscoring her outstanding abilities. Evidently, she is making significant strides towards achieving greatness.

Kensi's talent has not gone unnoticed by prominent figures in the softball community. She holds the impressive national ranking of #39 by Extra Innings, solidifying her position as the 3rd best middle infielder in her class. Moreover, Legacy & Legends has distinguished her as the 6th best player nationwide, further highlighting her exceptional prowess on the field.

Walking in Kensi's Cleats

When inquired about her goals, she responded with "My goals are to continue to focus on my academics and my training regime for softball. I want to work to continue getting stronger in all aspects of the game." When asked about the attributes that contribute to her success as an athlete, she responds "I was blessed to have been born with natural athleticism and strength. My speed is one of my strengths along with excellent quickness, balance, and coordination. And I have a very competitive side to me too. I’m a motivated person and a hard worker. My determination and love for the game are strong factors in getting better every day."

Regarding her sources of inspiration throughout her softball journey she had to give it some though as she replies "That’s a hard one to answer since my inspiration has come from a number of people. My parents have taught me to be respectful, kind, and a great teammate, but they have also instilled a strong work ethic in me. My coaches are super inspirational too and they help me in so many ways. I come from a very family-oriented situation and carry that over to my team. I consider all of them family and they all give me inspiration in their own ways."

I asked her to describe her game to me and she detailed "I’d probably describe my game as intense and aggressive. For example, I try to stack extra bases whenever I can. My speed helps me do that along with a strong ability to read ball/defender location compared to where I am on the base paths. I can hit with power but also understand that getting on base is critical to helping to win games." I asked her to recall a particular standout performance in a game or tournament where she felt unstoppable and she told me of a team performance "at the fall Show Me The Money tournament, we went undefeated against tough teams to win the tournament. I contributed a lot to that win and had some key plays in clutch moments." and a personal one to go with it as she detailed "Then the following weekend, at the Mojo Invitational, in my first five at-bats, I hit four home runs."

Concerning her preferred position, she states "I play SS only on my high school team and I suppose I prefer SS, but I play both on my Mojo team. I really like that my club team coaches are rotating me back and forth between the two positions to help me get proficient at playing both sides of the field."

When asked to detail the accomplishments she is most proud of, she stated "Outside of softball, I used to do competitive dance in several dance categories, and we won a national championship in the hip hop division. And we came away with high finishes in other categories too. I’ve been fortunate to play on great teams in softball too and have been a part of a number of state and tournament championships over the years.

When she's not playing softball, she stated that she enjoys" hanging out with my friends is a top priority. And in the summer, I love hanging out at our pool." What are some things outside of softball that are important to you or that you are passionate about? "Family, friends, school, traveling, and really enjoy shopping."

She is active outside of softball as she detailed "I used to do competitive dance and I also ran track as a sprinter but didn’t run this season so I could focus on my softball strength and speed training. I might do track again next season though since I enjoyed it a lot."

On what drives her she stated "I think it partially comes from falling in love with the game and having a lot of success at a very young age. And my general drive to excel and win plays a big part in it too." On her previous camp experiences, she states " I’ve been to a lot of camps and enjoyed them all. Every camp is a little bit different, but some have more interaction with coaches than others and that’s an important aspect of the camps to me."

On if there are any teams that stand out to her early on in the process she states "I watch a lot of college softball and tend to root for the teams I have first-hand experience with, such as a camp or have been on campus for a sporting event. There are a number of schools that I have a strong interest in, but I will definitely know more once we get further along in the process."

Let Kensi Arringdale's legacy inspire us and show us all the amazing things we can achieve in the exciting world of softball.



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