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Discovering The Future of Softball : Meet Kyleigh Stonerock

For this installment of Discovering the Future of Softball we were able to talk with Kyleigh Stonerock, one of the promising two way players for the class of 2027 . Kyleigh plays her High School softball for The Midway Raiders in North Carolina. She can dominate you at the plate from the circle or take you deep from the batters box.

Kyleigh Stonerock

Class of 2027 Freshman At Midway High School

Team NC Bowman

Right Hand Pitcher / Utility

Combined Spring and Summer Stats


IP: 83, SO: 121, H: 37, R: 38, BB: 39


Avg: .556, AB: 81, H: 45, RBI: 39, R: 31, HR: 15

Kyleigh is a multi sport athlete for Midway High School in Dunn, NC. She said she stays active with volleyball, basketball, and softball. She broke down what she likes about each sport "Volleyball allows me to use different muscles I don’t use in other sports. It’s a fun game and allows you to be close to your teammates while competing. Basketball I feel like is the most physically fit sport I play. It keeps me in and shape and I love the physicality of playing and the post. Softball of course is my favorite. I feel like my ability and game have increased every year in some aspect. I have had some great coaches the have encouraged me and pushed me to reach an elite level."

When talking she shared with me some of her personal goals stating " I would like for my HS team to win the State Championship this coming weekend. I would like to see my Exit Velo increase from 76 to 80 over the next month or two." Her goals don't end of the diamond though as she says " I have an outpatient surgery coming up on July 1st to have my right kidney reach 100% functionality. l have had from Hydronephrosis since I was born. This has no effect on my playing ability but I need to get it taken care of, so I don’t have to miss any school coming up in August. I will be grinding to get back to playing for the Fall Season with Team NC Bowman."

We also discussed some of her accomplishments she is most proud of and she again didn't keep it to just on the field. She stated she was very proud of "Starting as a Freshman Varsity athlete and playing in big roles to support my athletic teams in Softball, VB and Basketball. In 2023 I was ranked in the Top 50 for pitchers with Extra Innings and I was Selected to the All Region Southeast team through Extra Innings this year." She added "I’m strong in my faith and being recently baptized, which was a huge step in my walk with Christ." She also excels in the classroom as she states she "Received Top Ten in my Freshman class for GPA this year. "

 "I have a big support system from my parents, grandparents, friends and family friends. They are willing to go above and beyond for all my athletic opportunities."
Off the field she told me her passion "Church. I am highly involved in my church community. I sing with the praise and worship team and support wherever I am asked by the Preacher and church staff. Our church is a family. Jesus has blessed me with the abilities and I owe it all to him! I do my best to portray that everyday."

When we got to talking about what she feels makes her a great player she said "I have a winning attitude. I understand I will experience losses and they help me to grow but I give 110% at practice and games. It’s just my mindset. I have a unique ability of being a Pitcher and Power hitter. I can throw in the mid 60’s but can also step in the box with power and vision to change a game, very coach able ." On her favorite pitches she added "Top pitch speed was 67 in lessons. In game high is 64 MPH. Curve and Rise are my favorite pitches. I have very good natural spin. So when I work up in zone and off the plate I am able to keep the batters at bay." On her approach as a pitcher " When I am on the mound I trust my defense and mechanics. I am confident in my spin and velo to win against the batters. I stay relaxed and do my best to not appear frazzled when things aren’t going in my favor. Next pitch, next rep is what I say to myself. I feel like the Pitcher sets the tone for the team. If I am confident and believe my catcher and defense will also carry this mindset. I’ve been told I have a fierce game face that works in my favor! "

She also described her approach as a batter stating " When I step in the box. I look for small victories. Example: if I strike out my first at bat, I want my second bat to have a small victory. That could just be fouling off a couple pitches, but that’s a small victory. I have certain pitches I like to see. I stick to my mechanics and trust I’m going to deliver. It’s me against the pitcher and I want to win the battle. I love hitting dingers but if I can lay a nice bunt down and sacrifice for a run or drive a hard ground ball through the 5-6 hole and get on base , that’s what I want. Is to get on base and drive in runs."

Last season Midway lost in the state championship against West Stanley with a senior laden squad. Come this Friday, Stonerock and her Midway teammates will be playing a 3 game series for the state championship and look to settle unfinished business. When speaking with Kyleigh on the opportunity to play for the North Carolina State Championship as a freshman,she stated “For me I’m humbled to have the opportunity but I want to own it. I’ve pitched in a lot of big travel games, but this is different.” She went on to discuss just what is different about this and she added “I’m having the opportunity to represent my school and my community. We have a big fan base that will be supporting us.”regarding the challenge she replied with “This would be the biggest stage for me to this point. I embrace it. I want to toe the rubber. My defense and my catcher are studs. All I have to do is pitch my game and let the rest work itself out.”

Kyleigh says "I have been to a few Power 5 camps and Mid Major camps. Though I will keep the names to myself. The knowledge of the coaches has really stood out to me. Each school and staff have different things they share that are important to me. I like when you go to a camp a few times and the coaches and players helping start to know your name and communicate with you. It shows they care and their interest."

On what teams she roots for she said "I do have a Top 5. I root for Clemson, Florida, NC State and many more. I am really just a fan of the game and watch them all. I know some players on these teams which is why watch them more. College Softball players are studs. “Athletes always win” is what Coach Bowman always says and I truly believe that."

What drives her on the diamond ? She told me " My Teammates and my Coaches. I don’t like letting them down. The game has opened so many doors to friendships for me and I pray the doors continue to open in the future through the remainder of HS and College. There is always improvement that is needed and this pushes me everyday to do what I can to improve in all aspects of the game.."



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