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Elite Louisiana 2025 Softball Recruit Shyanne Irvin is a Player to Lookout for ...

Shyanne Irvin

St. Thomas More


Class of 2025


.450 BA / 12 Home-runs

70 RBIs /1.426 OPS / .450 BA .937slugging% / .993 Field %

• 33-3 Team Record

• Division I Select State Champion

• Division I Select State Outstanding Player

• Louisiana Coaches Association All State Player

• Louisiana Sports Writer Association All State Player

• 1st Team All District

• 1st Team All Metro

• 1st Team All Acadiana Team

St. Thomas More is home to one of the top softball standout players in the state in Junior Shyanne Irvin. After wrapping up her Sophomore season with a state championship with her St.Thomas More teammates, she is fixing to embark on a new journey once September 1st hits and she can be contacted by college coaches. Being ranked No. 50 overall by ExtraInnings there will be much interest in the do it all catcher.

On what she is looking forward to about the process she stated "I’m super excited for September 1st. I’ve watched many great athletes play college softball, and I’ve always felt that this was what I’ve wanted. I’m excited to possibly hear from coaches that I’ve played in front of for the past few years. Because they can’t contact us prior to this, the hopes are that on Sep. 1st I finally get the payoff for the years of hard work. I also realize that this isn’t the end of the road, but it is the beginning of a different type of journey." Regarding any specific schools she hopes to hear from "I’ve attended many camps these past few years and I would honestly love to hear from any of them."

Being that she plays Catcher, 1b and 3b we discussed where she feels most comfortable. Shyanne commented "Yes, I usually find myself behind the plate more often than the corners. I feel more comfortable behind the plate, though the corners don’t bother me by no means. I like the fact that I’m involved in completely understanding the game. Weather it’s controlling runners on the bases, communicating defensively, or learning how to put out good hitters. I also love building the relationships between the girls on the field."

Irvin discussed her sophomore seasons and the sacrifices she made "The 2023 season this past year was definitely one to remember. Winning state was so surreal and rewarding for my team and me. What stood out to me was, this was my first year I was eligible to play varsity due to LHSAA’s zoning rules. I wouldn’t trade sitting out my first year for the world. I watched and learned from an amazing group of people and an incredible coach (“Coach Wag”). I grew as a teammate and player which made the athlete I am today."


What is next for the sensational Junior " My goal for this year is to improve as a hitter and defensively as a catcher. I’ve gotten great feedback from my coaches, and want to improve the areas they say need improvement. I also want to get more involved with campus ministry and other extracurricular activities around school." She also discussed what drives her "Faith and Family are my two biggest motivators. God, first and foremost, blessed me with the ability to play this sport, so all thanks go to him. My mom,dad, and siblings have really supported throughout this journey, and I want to keep making them proud."



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