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From the Mound to the Bayou: The Story of LSU Pitcher Cameron Johnson's College Journey

Many times a lot of people have a hard time following College Baseball recruiting due to the fact that the majority of the top prospects never set foot on a college campus. Over the years the LSU Tigers have brought in some major recruiting classes but the real head liners of the classes rarely set foot in Baton Rouge and bolt for the MLB. That was not the case with Cameron Johnson, the highest rated prospect to ever don the purple and gold. The 6'5" - 240 pound lefty out of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla was rated with NO.11 Overall Player and No. 2 LHP per Perfect Game and MLB Draft Prospect Ranking of No. 42.

Cam took some time to discuss the decision and more with me. I asked the talented freshman if seeing the success of someone like Dylan Crews, who was ranked No.13 overall out high school choose the college route and be drafted No.2 overall have any effect on his decision. Cam replied "Yeah, I talked to Dylan last year about his decision to come to college instead of sign. I was in the same boat with having the option to sign in the first round, but wanted to develop, and also bring another championship back to Alex box."

On his adjustment to college life and Louisiana he stated "It’s been an interesting adaptation, getting used to the heat when I first got here and also getting used to the people here. I had to get acclimated quickly to different things . Just familiarizing myself with my surroundings." LSU provides some of the best nutritional and strength and training programs and Cam says he is all in " I’ve really utilized all my options to my advantage and been working my butt off to make myself 1% better each day . You can lead the horse to the water, but the horse has to be the one to drink it." The big lefty has some goals set for his freshman year "Sec academic all American - doing well in school for both semesters and staying on top of school work, SEC- freshman of the year - just believing in my self and trusting the process ."

He sees himself contributing to the team this season "In whatever role I’m in, I’m willing to execute every pitch and to be a guy that people can rely on to get the job done . I want to be that guy hitters don’t want to see on the mound." He says he has been working on his game since getting here stating "I’ve been working with coach Yeskie , and we have just been working on character and getting mentally strong . Pitching wise , we have been working on holding runners better and not going on breath. Also getting more speed for my slider." On the fall period he stated "We came together really well towards the end . The continuity was there and we all got better as a group , and we all have a great attitude heading into 2024." One thing is certain, getting Cam to LSU is one of the biggest wins the LSU program has ever seen.

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