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Jada Phillips LSU Class of 2024 Catcher and All Around Dynamic Athlete

LSU Head Coach really hit it out the park landing a commitment from Jada Phillips from Florida. She is one of the top catchers in the country and has some impressive career stats . With that being stated Jada is the true definition of a natural athlete

.479 Batting Average 69 hits, 51 RBI, 24 Doubles, 12 Triples, 12 HR, .587 OBP , 1.112 SLG, 1.700 OPS, 51 Stolen bases, .990 fielding %, ONLY 2 errors in 192 TC at Shortstop with 7 Double plays.

Note : These are her Freshman and Sophomore stats as she chose to opt out of playing for her High School and focused on Club Ball and other sports her Junior year.

On all of the sports she plays "Olympic Weightlifting, Track & Field and Basketball. Recently competed at States for both Weightlifting and Track. Won Districts/Regionals and came in runner up overall at State Championship in my weight class. Also hold the school record and a top 10 finish for Javelin at States as well."

When i say she is an ALL AROUND Athlete this is what i mean :

2X USSSA ALL AMERICAN(direct select)

2X USSSA Select30 All American

2020-21 POY/MVP BRHS softball

2021-22 POY/MVP BRHS softball

USSSA/USA Select World Fastpitch Championships

2X Gatorade POY nominee

3X NHSCA Academic All American

2022 NSCA All American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year

2021-22 FHSAA Olympic Weightlifting District Champ, State Medalist

2022-23 FHSAA Olympic Weightlifting District/Regional Champ,

State runner up BRHS Track Record holder in 4x200, 4x100 and Javelin.

2023 States Top 10 in Javelin

Jada regarding who LSU won her commitment over "There were quite a few schools that I visited and were really nice, but it came down to LSU and UF. UF is in state, a great school and program, but LSU was my last visit and when I stepped back on campus after three years I knew I was home." What about LSU sold Jada "The coaches and the players immediately felt like family and made me feel like I am far more than just a commodity. The dedication to women’s sports is amazing as are the facilities. I came to a camp in early 2020 and knew it was a special place, so much so when asked about my dream school at a home run derby later that year I said without hesitation, LSU." That video is posted above in the twitter post

We discussed if LSU sees her staying at catcher "Yes very much so, but also my versatility to play up the middle and in the grass as option is what they really liked."

I talk about her being a true athlete and the weightlifting truly plays a part in her power hitting. I asked her to describe her game and she says "Relentless, efficient and powerful is what others have described my game as, I would add hungry to that as well. Hungry to exceed all expectations, both mine and my coaches/team." On commitments she is looking forward to playing with "I’ve played against Jayden (Heavener) and Destiny (Harris) in the past and look forward to wearing the same jersey. I’ve also played together with Sa’Mya (Jones) and can’t wait to take the field again. Probably the closest commit I know is Zoe (Calvez), she and I have practiced together and have stayed in touch over the years." With everyone knowing just how dominant Jayden Heavener is I had to ask how she fared the last time they faced off "Jayden and I play in different age groups so I haven’t faced her in well over a year, but my last two at bats were a line drive to left center and a walk. Hoping to see her some this summer if they play up to 18’s. Looking forward to catching her and very excited for our future."

On what accomplishments she is most proud of "We’ve won plenty of high level tournaments over the years, but honestly, the work I’ve put in to get here is what I’m most proud of and fuels me daily to continue striving for my best." What is her relationship with the staff like "The entire staff just made me feel like family from the start. While I understand it’s a business from the softball aspect of things, they truly recognize me as person and a player. That’s something I will run through walls for and have enjoyed our conversations when allowed to have them."

This was a bit of a long piece but LSU is getting such a great athlete, softball player and person that there was not much I could leave out.

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Jun 24, 2023
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