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John Pearson 2024 LSU Legacy Commit on Junior Season and his future at LSU

I was able to chop it up with West Monroe Rebel and 2024 LSU Legacy Baseball commit, John Pearson. The soon to be Senior is the brother of current LSU standout, Josh Pearson. Perfect Game gives the 6'0"-225 lbs outfielder a 9 rating. If you are not familiar with their rating system a rating of 9 is as follows : *Potential top 10 round pick and/or highest level college prospect*.

Perfect Game Ranking

National Overall No. 269 & Position Rank OF No. 50

Louisiana Overall No. 5 & Position Rank OF No. 1

Junior Season Stats from West Monroe :

.424 Batting Average , .550 On-Base Percentage, .864 Slugging, 1.414 On-Base + Slugging

In 151 plate appearances he struck out only 7 times and managed to get to base on balls 27 times. He reached base with 22 singles, 14 doubles, 8 triples and 7 homers, 35 RBI and 56 Runs

Now if you follow me on twitter you know how I feel about the Pearson boys. (John, Jake and Josh) "Them Pearson boys can Hit." I will tell you personally I think John is the best hitter of the 3 and will only continue to get better. When I asked him if it is competitive between him and his brothers he stated "Yes, absolutely I’m always wanting to compete with my brothers and be the better one." I asked John what he felt was the biggest attribute "I feel like my bat is by far my biggest attribute." We discussed things he wants to work on for his Senior year and he stated "I want to work on my speed."

Regarding his hitting there are some impressive stats from Perfect Game as he heads into his Senior Season. The Class average for Exit Velo is 79 MPH and John is at 91 MPH which is in the 94.78% Percentile. Also, from 2019 he has improved his Exit Velo +6 MPH(91 MPH) and his Max Barrel speed by +5.27 MPH (71.9MPH)

He talked about his Junior season and whats to come next year "Our season was fun, didn’t end the way we planned but we competed till the end, West Monroe will be back next year." On one of his favorite moments " It was definitely walking it off against Sam Houston."

We discussed recruiting and on the topic of who LSU beat out for his signature "I wasn’t really considering other schools, LSU has always been my dream school so I was going to do whatever it took to make that happen." On what sold him on LSU being the school for him "The atmosphere there is just insane, and It’s been a dream school of mine since I was a kid." He discussed his relationship with the coaching staff "I feel as if our relationship is great, the coaches are just amazing." Where do the coaches see him playing "I’m not sure about the coaches want me to play I’m sure a corner spot, but I think they want me to hit."

His brothers both committed LSU . Jacob decided to go to the minor league system and Josh that decided to go the college route at LSU. Having seen both aspects I asked would the MLB opportunity be something that pulls at him or has he decided college is the route he wants to take. He was very adamant stating "You know the MLB is always the end goal, but I want to go to LSU. I want the college experience." I asked him if he feels NIL opportunities might make it an easier decision for for guys to go the college route and he stated "I feel like it does help for some guys, but even if NIL was not a thing, I would still want to go to LSU."

On if there is any other commits he is looking forward to playing with "Yea, Michael Ryan, Owen Galt, and all the other commits in my grade. Ready to play with all of them!" Regarding the Tigers performance this season "Coach Johnson has done a tremendous job this year with the program." Lastly, he has a message for LSU fans "let the fans know that they are getting a guy who wants to win and will do whatever it takes."

John has been selected to participate in the prestigious New Balance Future Stars Series National Combine in Nashville, TN. He needs your help to make this dream a reality. The players are not charged a fee to participate but instead get the opportunity to raise funds for Future Stars Series Foundation and No Kid Hungry. The players have a chance to earn stipends towards their expenses just by helping raise money for these great causes.

You can choose to donate by clicking the link in his twitter post



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