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Justin Loer Goes in Depth on What Went into the Decision to Transfer to LSU

Yesterday LSU picked up their second transfer of the cycle in Xavier LHP Justin Loer. He is a Top 100 prospect in the 2024 MLB Draft. He is coming off of a year where he recorded a 6-3 record. Last season he pitched 57 innings with a 1.89 ERA and notched 63 strikeouts and walked 22 batters. He only gave up 3 homers and had a 9.9 K per 9 innings with a 2.86 Strike to Walk ratio. He took some time yesterday to discuss with me what went into the decision to transfer to LSU.

Justin on what went into the decision to transfer "The root of the decision was that I felt that it was best for me as a person, and as a player to have a change of scenery. There is nothing wrong with Xavier as a University or a program. I just felt that it was best for me to make a change. I felt that I had played well enough to be able to make the jump to a elite program, which I believe I did. I’m also a very competitive person, I got my first taste of playing in the postseason at the collegiate level this year and I wanted to go to a place that’s going to put me in the big moments as often as possible. I want to go to Omaha, I feel that a place like LSU gives me the opportunity and is in a place as a program where we can go to Omaha next year again."

Regarding what made him realize LSU was the school for him "I think LSU is the school for me because it just felt right. I loved the coaching staff on my visit and it felt like the right fit for me. Getting to experience a game at Alex Box during the super regional was an amazing experience as well. LSU fans are like no other fan base in the country and I can’t wait to play in front of the best fans in the country."

I asked him if seeing the job that Skenes made in his one season at LSU is something that stands out to him as far as nutrition, strength, and conditioning, or any other type of advantages that may come and being at a program like LSU. He replied with "Yes, I am very optimistic that I will make some big jumps and take my game to another level at LSU. Based on the things I saw while I was on my visit, there’s a huge opportunity present to make big strides in my nutrition at LSU. The athlete dining is something that was very important to me when it came to the resources at my new school. Along with the strength coach at LSU, he presented me with developmental plan that they had for me in order for me to get to the next level and potentially be a high draft pick next year.

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