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Kale Fountain 2024 LSU 3B Commit an Elite prospect out of Nebraska

Kale Fountain

6'5" -225 lbs

Perfect Game Ranking

National Overall No. 123 & 3B No.11

Nebraska No.1 & 3B No.1

AVG. 450, 8 doubles, 3 triples, 8 HR, 40 RBIs, 44Runs, 27 Walks, 17 HBP, 28 stolen bases, OBP .605, SLG .833

Perfect Game gives him a 9.5 rating. If you are not familiar with their rating system a rating of 9 is as follows : *Potential top 10 round pick and/or highest level college prospect*.

I asked Kale what stood out to him about LSU that let him know it was the school for him and he said "It’s hard to really put into words how my visit at LSU made me feel. It was so great we even decided to go back for the LSU vs. Alabama football game which was obviously worth it. Everyone always wants to talk about facilities and technology that programs have to offer. There’s no doubt that LSU has the top end of these things and use them to develop their players into very well rounded ball players. But, for me and my family, we were more interested in finding that school with the right people. We left LSU knowing Coach Jay Johnson and staff were the best at what they do. Especially at developing a relationship with me during the recruitment process. It wasn’t hard to realize that Coach Johnson’s player development and relationship building are his priorities when it comes to LSU baseball. Which made me excited as a recruit to join those also excited to join such a special culture. "

Kale on what he feels is his strongest attribute " Using my strength and size to make things happen on the field that benefit the team." We discussed some accomplishments that he is most proud of " Breaking the career homerun record in Nebraska this past spring as a Junior. Holding the season homerun record as a Sophomore. Getting invited to the PDP League this summer and other various events like Area Code also. Lead a team that returned 2 starters from the year before back to the state championship."

On if there are any commitments he has bonded with and look forward to playing with he said " I’ve been in contact with all of them. We all talk often, part of relationship and culture building early on. Finally, this summer, I get to play with some of the other commits on USA Prime. As a whole, all these guys are outstanding baseball players and we all look forward to excelling our games playing side by side. Regarding the atmosphere at Alex Box he added "What do you think of the environment in Alex Box. Specifically for that Super Regional. Alex Box is such a special place. That first time walking onto the field really puts it into perspective. I can only imagine what it would be like out there with 10 thousand plus fans there for the Tigers. A moment that I can’t wait for.

What about the other schools he was considering heavily? he replied "I took different visits obviously this fall. It all came down to LSU, Mississippi State, Arkansas, and Texas." With him being a top player the big question is does this guy make it to campus with the MLB Draft. Is the MLB Draft something that interests him or is he set on college life? He stated "At this point in time I’m focused on playing to the best of my ability this summer and continuing to develop all off season. That’s all you can do and let the rest fall into place.

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