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LSU 2024 Commit Zoe Calvez : No.5 Overall Player in the Nation

The further I dig into this 2024 LSU Softball recruiting class the more impressive it gets and it could go down as one of the greatest at LSU. So far we have covered two of the three top 5 overall players in the country in Jayden Heavener and Sa'Mya Jones. Today we get to know the No.5 overall player in the nation per ExtraInnings, Zoe Calvez. They also have her as the No.2 outfielder in the country. Her stats on her Junior season at West Orange High School in Florida are below.

.420 Batting Average, .465 On Base Percentage, 25 Stolen bases, 43 Hits, 18 RBI, .928 On Base-Plus Slugging

Who did LSU beat out for Zoe's commitment ? Calvez commented "I went to a lot of different SEC, ACC and Big 10 schools/camps in and out of Florida but ultimately LSU was the one that stuck out to me the most and felt was the best fit for me. Going there since 6th grade I was given a lot of feedback and instruction that I was able to apply to my game both in high school and travel ball."

Zoe and Beth Torinaat her 1st LSU camp

What else about LSU helped her to realize it was the school for her " The two biggest things that stuck out to me was LSU is a very family oriented environment and is big in supporting women's sports. Everyone seemed very close with each other like family as well as getting down to business when it's time. For me that's big because on the field of course we are gonna bond and get business done but off the field still being close and being a family was something that really stuck out to me that I loved and want for my future."

Zoe and Sa'Mya Jones at LSU camp from years back

On where she feels she will play at LSU " I think staying in the outfield is what they see me doing and I plan to exceed and get better, but ready to play anywhere they need me to." Regarding this 2024 class and who she has bonded with "I've met everyone in my recruiting class. We recently met up at a few LSU games. I've also played with Jada Phillips in the past and practiced with her for awhile. I've been to a few LSU camps with Sa'Mya Jones since we were kids." We discussed how good this class can be and if they had discussed it amongst each other and she commented "LSU has always had a good softball program so we want to keep the legacy going."

Calvez's Spring Stats from her ATL Vipers team w/ accomplishments and measurements

What are some accomplishments Zoe is most proud of :

•Being selected for 2023 PGF All American futures team c/o 2024

•3x FHSAA 7A All Metro/ District Softball team

•2x FHSAA 7A All State Softball team

•2021-2022 7A Softball Regional Finalist

•2022-2023 States top 10 most runs scored

•2021 7A District Basketball Champions

What does she want LSU fans to know about her " I'd say I'm a true athlete and I love to play the game at the elite level. I've been a competitor all my life! From working out and playing with my brother in the backyard, to taking my game to the field against a true opponent. At the end of the day I'm gonna leave it all on the field weather it's practice, workouts, or a game."

On her relationship with the coaching staff " I love thé coaching staff, Coach Beth couldn't have been nicer and more supportive. I've been going to camp since I was in 6th grade and every time I went up there it never failed for her to say something nice and help out my game even if it was something small. Coach Lindsay and Coach Howard also are phenomenal. They helped develop my skills and showed me different ways of breaking down the game. Coach Sandra is my girl when it comes to slapping, there are countless things she has taught and made me better at in the slapping perspective. There was always something I took away from her when she was with us slappers at camp. And can't forget Coach Quinn she made it feel very homey."

When she is not practicing or playing she says she enjoys "I really enjoy shoe shopping! I am a big sneaker head. Also playing pickle ball and basketball with my family at the park, and hanging out with my friends at Universal, City Walk, and Disney Springs is what I enjoy most in my off time.

My biggest takeaways on Zoe's game is her elite speed and the amount of ground she can cover in the outfield and her knack for getting on base. She will be a great outfielder for the Tigers and one who can continue the gold glove standard set by Ciara Briggs.

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