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LSU 2024 QB Commit Colin Hurley Goes in Depth on Everything Tigers and More

I was able to sit down and do a Q&A with the lone 2024 QB commit for the LSU Tigers and walked away with a ton of valuable insight to the young man and his values. We also discussed all things LSU and he was very open and honest on his thoughts.

We start with his goals for his final season with his Trinity Christian Academy teammates. He commented "As far as my goals for this upcoming season, it’s always learn, lead, support, develop, compete and win - that’s always where I stand. Those are the goal(s) and plan(s), regardless of where I’m at - Trinity Christian Academy or LSU.” “I have a chance to win a third Florida State Championship. We should have won last season, but we came up a little short. I’d love to go out as a champion - especially a 3x State Champion.”

When asked about personal goals he stated “I have a few personal goals, as far as some benchmarks I’ve set, but I generally keep those to myself, as this is a team sport and I respect that. It’s not about me or my stats. It’s about how I can get better, as a quarterback, teammate and person? How can I lead and support my teammates? How can I help my current community in Jacksonville, and future home in Baton Rouge? What can I do better when I’m on the field?” “Don’t get me wrong, I’m about building my brand, but I’m not an “I - Me - My Guy.” Those things will come and I have some things, and people, in place, to assist.”

Colin on his approach to the recruitment process when it comes to himself and what sets him apart from the competition “I’ve always been about development, work and competing. In the end, no one at the high-level college programs really dwells about awards, stats, accolades, rankings, stars, social media and the other stuff. College coaches are paid well. Their jobs are on the line. They’re experts in this field. They have to win.” He added “So while I’m proud of my body-of-work, I understand there’s far more to this. However, if we’re to lay all of it out there, and survey it, for this story, I feel my resumé is unmatched.” “I play at a 9x state championship program in the state of Florida. That means ‘real competition’ and ‘no cupcakes.’ I’m a 2x FL State Champion, FL Overall Player of the Year, FL All State 1st Team, ESPN300 Player, US Army All American, Élite11 Finalist, QB and Retreat Invitee. I have multiple 7v7 final four appearances and a few championships. I camp and perform, winning camp awards, accolades and honors. I take my academics serious and have a 3.97 GPA. My film and stats speak for itself. But I know none of this will matter. I know it’s the input that will truly deliver the outcome. That’s where I am. That’s who I am. I play the game with no regrets.”

Regarding where Colin feels he is in his progression as a QB he added “I know my arm strength and arm talent is unmatched. I can make every throw. I have velocity, touch and accuracy. I can beat you with my legs. I understand the game at a high level and can break down complex defenses, fronts and more. My S2 score was the highest ever recorded by a LSU quarterback. I feel very confident in my abilities and will always support my teammates, on both sides of the ball

Colin shared his thoughts on the upcoming Elite 11 Competition “I’m preparing for Elite11, in Los Angeles, California. I’m looking forward to attending and competing. I’m grateful to Coach Brian Stumpf and the staff at Elite11. It’s a fraternity for QB's and I cherish being selected as a Finalist. This Class is talented and I’m ready to work and compete.”

We switched gears and focused on LSU and what Brian Kelly was able to do in year 1 with the Tigers team he inherited and Colin went in depth on his thoughts. He stated “Coach Brian Kelly’s turnaround at LSU is impressive - actually more than just impressive, it’s remarkable. Let’s just say he inherited a program that had ‘some issues.’ It was short on scholarship players, needed a new culture and was coming off a 6-7 season, which is unacceptable.” He added “BK immediately wore multiple hats, including head coach, change agent and CEO. He hired a terrific staff. He quickly put together a roster, with some of his recruits and the Transfer Portal. He connected with the LSU community. He put some much-needed checks and balances in place, created a greater sense of accountability, installed a positive culture throughout the building, and established the standard of, ‘graduating champions,’ which speaks to his vision.”

Moving on to where he feels the program is today Hurley stated “One year later, let’s take a look at where the team and program are at. LSU had a 10-win season, defeated Alabama, won the SEC West and dominated their Bowl Game against Purdue.” He added “LSU Football Operations is undergoing major upgrades, their Performance Nutrition Center (PNC) is one of the best in the country, and it’s Sports Performance Center is science and data driven. It’s medical team provides the highest level of care.”

Regarding Quarterback coach Joe Sloan and Jayden Daniels progression over the season Colin stated "I think Jayden showed significant development under QB Coach Joe Sloan. Adding “We saw Jayden has arm talent and can beat you with his legs. He also showed improvement in read progression and seeing the field, as the season went on.I trust we’ll see an even better Jayden this season, as I know he’s worked hard and is talented. Coach Joe Sloan and Coach Mike Denbrock are a big part of that.” On his relationship with Sloan "Anyone who’s sat down with Coach Sloan will understand just how bright, energetic, knowledgeable and good he is, at what he does.” He detailed further his relationship with Sloan “Coach Sloan is as detailed a QB Coach as I’ve ever met. I’ve spent hours with him, on the white board, watching film, on Zoom, in person, and it’s always a clinic. He’s very firm and direct. He’s also understands QB creativity and let’s his QB's explore, while remaining within the framework of the offensive system.”

What does Colin think on where things are with recruiting? Colin says “Coach Kelly and his staff are putting together an impressive ‘24 Class - a campaign that I’m proud to be a part of, and lead its efforts. He’s used the Transfer Portal very strategically to strengthen certain position groups on the team. He’s proven he can recruit and win.” What does he think of the LSU brand “LSU is a team and program with a rich history. It has a storied past. It has Death Valley. It has a passionate fan base. This staff will challenge the players and develop them for the next level. The BK Takeover is real.” Hurley on the LSU brand and recruiting “I think LSU has ‘good reach. ‘ The program has a ‘strong voice.’ The recruiting space is a hyper-competitive environment. I respect the other programs and coaching staffs too. But this is LSU. If we’re recruiting you, that means we want you. That means the staff has signed-off and feels you can play in the SEC, and at LSU. But in the end, it probably comes down to, ‘come play for us, or play against us. We’re going to win, with or without you,’ and that applies to everyone, and that’s the reality of college football.”

On the types of players he is recruiting to join the 2024 class "I’ll recruit a guy and always respect their decision. I don’t mind courting them as it’s part of the process and comes with being the quarterback. I’m also feeling them out too. I want guys who want to come to LSU. I want guys who want to wear Purple & Gold. I want guys who want to play in the SEC, at Death Valley and at the next level. I want guys who are unselfish but also challenge themselves, and their teammates, to be great. I want a locker room full of dudes who want to win.”

How active is Hurley in the recruiting process and building this class " I use multiple methods to try and recruit. I communicate with the recruiting department and coaches. I use 7v7 to scope dudes who can ball. I watch film. I speak with other recruits. I use social media. There’s a myriad of systems in place.” He added “I’ve helped to land a few targets and we have more on the way. It’s a team effort. The coaching staff, recruiting department and current recruits are all working hard. Will we get everyone? No, but this ‘24 Class is going to be special. It’s going to have guys with high ceilings, who can play SEC football and who fit what BK and the staff are trying to do. It’s going to be guys who embrace Baton Rouge and who work together, to bring a National Championship to LSU. The ‘24 Class will be a difference-maker.” Going a little further Colin discussed players to be on the look out for "We have a few guys who are locked in - I mean absolute dudes, but that news, and those names, will come shortly. Let them go through the process. Respect their decisions, whether they come here or go elsewhere. Let’s just continue to support everyone and everything LSU. Trust me, we’re going to be just fin in Baton Rouge."

Regarding NIL Hurley says "LSU and its collective, Bayou Traditions, is very well structured and organized, so I think that’s important. Look at other LSU athletes, in various sports, like women’s basketball, gymnastics, track, baseball, etc. It’s very apparent, that LSU is doing something right in the NIL space. The Athletic Director, Scott Woodward, has built an athletic program that is the best in the country. BK has embraced it and put the right people in place.” He took it a step further stating " “NIL is another major factor, but it’s still very new. Trust me, there are no ‘experts’ in that space, because it’s still an uncharted frontier. The NCAA is still trying to figure it out. Schools and coaches are still new to it. Recruits are learning more, and more. I think it’s a best practice to have experienced, professional, legal and financial representation in place.”

Lastly Colin was adamant about showing love to the people in his life that helped him to get to this point. He states “As far as my portfolio, I have a great circle. A small, trusted, talented and loyal team. It starts with my father. He’s actually been the architect of the entire plan. He’s my best friend and biggest fan. He’s a teacher, mentor and a real OG. At the same time, he's my biggest critic. He allows me to fail and face challenges head on. It’s all tough love from him.”

Colin and his Father Charlie Hurley

“I also have some of the best trainers in the business. Dr. Tom Gormely is one of the brightest minds in Sports Performance. He designs all of my lifting and sprinting regimens. He’s also one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of throwing and rotational athletes. He works with several elite college and professional athletes. Dr. Gormely is a true scientist and he’s arguably the biggest influence in my life. I love Tom and took him to LSU with me, when I committed.”

Dr. Tom Gorley

“I have a few QB Trainers and Developers I work with. Will Hewlett is one of the most talented guys around. He is different. I connect so well with him. He provides the highest level of coaching, instruction and support, and does it in a manner like no one else. He’s big on biofeedback. He doesn’t use cones. He doesn’t use prompts. He doesn’t use cues. He speaks few words, but when he speaks, it’s brilliance. He allows me to guide, own and direct my throwing sessions, but he still oversees it. He’s super empowering and works closely with the LSU staff and my high school coaches to help me.” “Coach Hewlett is a QB Nerd. He is one of the most detailed trainers I’ve ever seen. He understands the psychology of the position. He recognizes the details. I’m a lot like him, so that’s probably why we connect so well.”

Will Hewlett

“Coach Verlon Dorminey is my high school coach, and he’s like a ‘father-figure’ to me. This is a man who’s won 317 football games. He and I are forever connected with two state titles and his 300th career win. It’s been a honor to play for him.”

Trinity Christian Academy, Head Coach Verlon Dorminey, has coached the Conquerors to 9 FHSAA State Championships and has amassed 317 career wins, including two state titles and career win 300, with Hurley.

“Finally, there’s the staff at LSU. Coach Sloan and I have developed a great relationship. I’ve also connected with Offensive Coordinator, Mike Denbrock and Head Coach Brian Kelly. There’s Jordan Arcemant, who is revered in the football space. The staff at LSU has certainly had a major role in my football journey.”

Hurley added others he wanted to note “Denny Thompson is another trainer that has helped me, significantly. He handles a lot of my skills stuff, drills and dynamic work, like platform, off-platform, foot-pop, movement, etc. and AJ Basso is my Strength and Conditioning Coach. He works under Dr. Tom Gormely and he’s had a direct hand in all of my training. He has helped to get me bigger, faster and stronger. I squat 550, deadlift 600 and bench press 225 - all for reps. Coach Basso is my dude.” Lastly regarding his reclassifying “Ms. Michelle Washington is my counselor. She’s responsible for my academic blueprint. She’s a tremendous supporter and helped me with my roadmap to reclassifying.”

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Jun 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great interview. Thanks.


Jun 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

All I can say is WOW! I have to remind myself that this kid is 16 years old (maybe 15). He is more articulate than many college graduates. If he can improve on his completion percentage - he may be the best QB in the '24 class.


Jun 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This young man is more than impressive. He is a remarkable player on film, with a list of accomplishments few, if any in his class, can match. Aside from that, his character, IQ and manner in which he presents himself are, and should be, a banner for LSU.

I‘ve read stories on him, viewed interviews, listened to podcasts, watched his film and have seen him during a visit (he’s physically menacing), and all things point to this kid being the Class of 2024 Crown Jewel. What a good story.

Justin Broussard
Justin Broussard
Jun 06, 2023
Replying to

he sure does have all the tools. Physically, Mentally and just a complete player.

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