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LSU Softball Commit: Ashlin Mowery Out of Ohio Talks Her Commitment and More ...

Head Coach Beth Torina went up to the state of Ohio went and picked up a commitment from Ashlin Mowery. The young phenom is a 2025 pitcher who also brings the power at the plate. Ashlin took some time to discuss what went into her commitment, her love for LSU and more.


Lancaster Golden Gales

Ohio Hawks National- Joseforsky


Ranked No. 17 by ExtraInnings

Right Hand Pitcher

.493 BA, 1.581 OPS. 1.043 Slugging % 10 HR 10 Doubles 16 Runs Scored 10 BB

38 Innings Pitched, 42 K's , 2.763 ERA

2 x First Team OCC

First Team All District

Second Team All District

All State Honorable Mention

Offense Player of the Year

Hit 16 hrs her freshman year while being named 10TV athlete of the week! All while keeping a 4.3 GPA

Ashlin talked to me about her pitching arsenal stating "I’m consistently at 65-67 on all of my pitches except for change up. My favorite pitches are rise and curve! I love to compliment my rise with my drop though". She also discussed what made her know LSU was the school for her as she said "People told me all the time that when you find the school you’ll just know and I really never knew what that meant til I stepped out of the airport in Baton Rouge and I literally told my parent this is where I’m meant to be! I don’t know why or how but something just told me that I’m supposed to go to LSU!" On how a girl from up in Ohio connected with LSU she stated " As for the connection with LSU I received my first piece of mail from them probably in January of 2023 and I was so excited! I never really knew they were interested and I have never been to a camp because of how far and the expenses also my travel coach Julie actually knew the now assistant coach for LSU Bryce Neal when he coached at Louisville and she told him to come watch me, he did come watch and when he made the change to LSU he told them about me! " She says LSU plans to use her as a hitting pitcher.

She says regarding the Tigers "LSU was my number one when they called, I was so excited! I did go on visits to Iowa and Virginia which were amazing also! I had other calls from Kentucky and Duke which I was considering." She mentioned the effect the staff at LSU played in her decision "The coaching staff is truly amazing! I connected with them, it felt like instantly! That was especially important to me because I had never gone to a camp or met the coaches before! After the weekend I already feel really close with my coaches! I couldn’t be happier! " She also mentioned the bond with the commits on her visit "I’m so excited to play with the commits that I met on my visit! I feel like I really bonded with them! So excited to do big things with them! "

What made LSU her number one before even setting foot on campus " The facilities!! I knew I would be getting the best help and opportunity to become the best all around player I can be. All the equipment and tools just absolutely amazed me. I also would go back and watch the teams games during season and I loved there energy! Intense like there is a job to be done but still fun like I’m playing a sport I love! The passion that everyone coaches and players have for the game I feel matched mine and that also helped me decide they were my number # 1 before ever visiting! As for the former players there have been so many amazing athletes come out of LSU! And the history of Beth Torina being an amazing pitching coach and head coach in general but especially her ability to get pitchers to their top potential."

"I want LSU fans to know they are getting a dedicated player, who will will work harder and harder everyday to help bring home a national championship! Now that I’m a tiger, I’m always going to be a tiger! The goal starts now! "

When not playing softball she enjoys " If I’m not playing softball or practicing I’m usually in the gym! I absolutely love going to the gym! For me it’s the other place I can express myself or where I can go when I have a bad day and work it out! " She added her favorite gym activities are "Squats and Rack Pulls." On what drives her she said " I’m drivien by my goals ultimately! My goal when I started playing travel softball at 10 years old was to play softball at the top level! My parents preached to me the amount of work I would have to put in but this only made me want it more! I of course had smaller goals throughout my softball journey like winning a game or spotting my movement pitches, but I truly wanted to play at the highest level! Now that my dream of getting to the highest level has happened, I already have start working toward my new huge goal! That being to help my LSU team bring home a national championship! "



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