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LSU Volleyball Gets Commitment from Setter Takyla Brown

I recently touched on LSU Volleyball being on the rise and another sign of that is the commitment they received from 2025 Setter, Takyla Brown out of Weiss HS in Texas is a sign of that. She wrapped up her Sophomore season with 847 assists and averaged 10 assists a set.

Brown said she had a chance to get to know some of the LSU commits as she stated "last year I got a chance to play with a couple of commits and really be able to understand more about LSU from their point of view. I’m really excited to be able to play with them and bond with the entire team even more! " On what schools LSU beat out for her commitment she says "I knew LSU was the school for me, but i built relationships with other schools as well, Georgia Tech, Houston, and Mizzou to name a few." Both Houston and Georgia Tech finished in the Top 20 rankings for Women's Volleyball last season.

What stood out about LSU for Takyla "I knew that LSU was the school for me because of the coaching staff and the girls. For me it was really important that I found a coaching staff that made me feel at home. I bonded with them well on and off the court. They are all truly amazing people and I had a chance to go to LSU last year for a camp and I enjoyed every part of being on campus."

We discussed what she wants Tiger fans to know what she is bringing to LSU "they are getting someone who is super passionate for the sport and the school. I am super competitive and excited to be able to play for a university like LSU. She also has a message for young girls as she stated "I want young girls to know that they can do anything they put their minds to. I used to watch volleyball and dream about being in this position one day and now that I have that opportunity I plan to take advantage of it. I came to LSU to WIN and I know that this culture and the family dynamics we will be able to do that."

She described her style of play for me "competitive, passionate and a winning mindset. On the court I am super focused and tuned into the game. I love playing in intense matches and putting everything I have onto the court." On her strongest she said "my athleticism paired with my decision making. As a setter you need to have great decision making, know who’s your hot hitter and court awareness along with confidence and tenacity, which I have."

I came to LSU to WIN and I know that this culture and the family dynamics we will be able to do that."

Somethings she is most proud of are "being inducted into the national honor society, named MVP at the Under Armour all American next camp, Prep volleyball all tournament team, 2nd at GJNC 2023, and the school record for season assists and single match assists." While Volleyball is high on her list of priorities she stated "God and family are really important to me. I put God first in everything I do because I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without Him. My faith is huge to me and it’s a big part of who I am. Family is super important to me to always have a support system that I can rely on and know they will love and support me unconditionally."

As for her upcoming junior season she stated "My goals for next season are to capitalize on the things I have been working on. I think it’s super important to keep working and trying new things. So I’m really focused on working on new things and making those parts of my game better." She went into further detail on what some of those things are "I am working on being more creative and crafty with my front row attacks. Using my athleticism to fake the middle. Just really capitalizing on all the things I’ve been working on and putting them into play."

Athletics run in the family as she says "My dad (former DB Tarell Brown) played for The University of Texas and won a national championship in 2005 with them. He is also a retired NFL athlete who played for 9 years."

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19 juil. 2023
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LSU is getting the BEST! This kid is a one of a kind star! 🙌🐯⭐️


19 juil. 2023
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