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Skenes : The Chase for McDonald Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I recently did a piece on Paul Skenes and the chase for Ben McDonald's single season strikeout record from of 202 K's in the 1992 season. Skenes is gaining ground and could very well break the record if things play out right for the Tigers. As mentioned in the below article, Skenes also has a shot at the National K record as well if the Tigers advance far enough.

Ben Mcdonald in 1989 pitched a total of 152.1 innings and had a total of 202 strikeouts and he has held the LSU single season strikeout record ever since without anyone ever coming close to challenging. Since my last update Skenes has closed the gap considerably. When we last left off on May 13th he was sitting at 152 strikeouts and needing a total of 51 K's to break the record. As of June 2nd Skenes stands at 179 strikeouts and is needing 24 K's to break McDonald's record.

Going off of Paul's outings this season, his highest K's in a single game was 15 and he averages 11 K's per outing, he will likely need a minimum of two more outings. This means for him to break the record the Tigers need to make Omaha. Stayed tuned for more on the chase.

UPDATE : After going 7.2 innings and notching 12 strikeouts against Tennessee in the CWS, Skenes is now 3 strikeouts away from owning the LSU single season strikeout record .

UPDATE : Skenes has officially taken the crown and will continue to add to his total.

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