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The Dynamic Duo: LSU Women's Hoops Standout Performers So Far

So far this season Kim Mulkey and the Defending National Champion Lady Tigers have seen their fair share of adversity and then some. In those times there have been players who have risen above and been a guidling light for this team as they come together and learn to play with each other. Wether it be the opening loss to Colorado, the vanishing saga of Angel Reese , losing Sa' Myah Smith for the year or the dismissal of Kateri Poole there have been two players who are both new comers to the team who have been a steadying presence to this teams success. Both (Depaul Transfer) Aneesah Morrow and (No.2 Overall High School) Mikaylah Williams are the only two players to play over 300 minutes to date among with many other statistical leading categories we will cover.

Aneesah Morrow

Aneesah Morrow in Top 10 Matchup against Va Tech

(Photo Courtesy of LSU Women's Basketball Account)

Morrow has been a double- double machine with (6) this season and has put this team on her back when they needed it the most. When Reese was out there was definitely a void with missing one of the teams best rounders and Morrow filled the void. Morrow is listed as the teams leading rebounder with (96) overall and No.8 in the SEC with (8.7) Rebounds per Game. Morrow also leads the Tigers with (14) blocked shots and that puts her at 9th in the SEC. Aneesah is also a force when it comes to steals where she is the 3rd in the SEC with (2.9) Steals per Game. Offense ...Yep you guessed it, Morrow is 2nd in the SEC with (19) Points per Game. Needless to say, she is a walking stat line and has showed up where this team has needed her the most.

Mikaylah Williams

Mikaylah Williams against Va Tech

(Photo Courtesy of LSU Women's Basketball Account)

Much like Morrow Williams is also a walking stat line and has lived up to the billing of the No.2 overall High School Prospect as she stepped into a locker room full of stars and has still managed to shine as they have not been able to keep her off the court. She provides an energy and elite scoring threat at all times. For instance as a freshman here is where she sits in SEC rankings. We will start with FG% where she ranks 5th in the SEC with (55.9%) , Points per Game 4th with (18.5) , 3pt Made 4th (26) and 2nd in 3pt % (51) which is only (.2) away from 1st. Mikaylah holds a 1st place lead on Free Throw % with (92.9) and it is worth noting that 3rd and 4th place are held by Last-Tear Poa and Aneesah Morrow. There have been many times this year where the team would go cold, only to be brought to life by the dynamic freshman from Louisiana. To put things into perspective here is a statline for this freshman (18.5 PPG , 4.5 RPG , 3.0 AST, and 1.3 SPG ) .

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