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The Return OF LSU Daily News

Many of you may remember my previous website LSUDaily that i ran on a different platform. Unfortunately i ended up letting it go due to not having the time or energy to keep up with it at the time. With that being said I am bringing it back. The new site will be

I was heavily focused on recruit profiling last time around and it will still be a big part of what i do here as it is a passion of mine. Also, look for some different things . Last time, I burnt out trying to have too much content. I will be looking to bring you more in depth pieces on all LSU athletics both men's and women's which will lead to less pieces but higher quality material.

I hope to see as many as possible of my previous followers along this journey as well as many new followers. As always Geaux Tigers !!

I Do not currently have any membership fees and have no plans to do so . If you WANT to support the site and are needing some new LSU gear visit my partners at Fanatics through the provided link



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