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What is LSU getting in Hailey Van Lith

Just last week the top player in the transfer portal, Hailey Van Lith, committed to LSU. Many tiger fans may have seen her play in the NCAA tournament or know she was the top player in the transfer portal, but what exactly is LSU getting in Van Lith.

If you go back and watch some of her games, you will see that she is a scorer and can do it either way. She can drive to the hoop and beat you that way or she can pull up from mid-range or beyond the 3-point line and make you pay. Over her 3 seasons at Louisville, she has been a 34% 3-point shooter while shooting 42 % overall.

Standing at 5'7" she is not the going to be bring much length to the floor but what she provides you is someone who is the fiercest competitors and trash talkers, which fits in perfect with this team. You have a lot of girls who are passionate and have large personalities. Something that coach Mulkey was able to handle last season and i do not see it being an issue here.

Where can we expect to see her for LSU ? Well, after losing Alexis Morris one might think at the point. Throughout her career that is not how she has been used and not how i think she should be used. Realistically speaking, I would see her at the 2 spot with Flauje' at the 3 and have either Mikayla Williams or Kateri Poole playing the point. That is not taking into account the likely possibility of Aneesah Morrow joining the team.

No matter how you slice the 2 spot is definitely where I see Hailey Van Lith after going back and watching her film and seeing where she excels. Mulkey definitely has a plan in place going after Van Lith and Morrow and if anyone can handle figuring out where to plug the right players in she is the one.

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