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2024 LSU Softball Pitching Commitment : Jayden Heavener

Beth Torina has outdone herself with the 2024 recruiting class and it starts at the top with the number one overall player in Jayden Heavener out Florida. The Pac High School standout won the 2021 5A Florida Pitcher of the Year. Jayden was kind enough to share her thoughts on her season, her recruitment and LSU.

So far on her season she has amassed a 14-1 overall record and a staggering (0.07 ERA). You read that correctly, it is NOT a misprint. It does not stop there though as she has 222 strikeouts and only 16 walks. She has also thrown 6 no hitters and 3 perfect games and only allowed a .061 on base percentage. While Jayden is a next level pitcher she says "I hope to be a 2-way player for them as well." As impressive as she is as a pitcher, she is batting .465 with 33 hits and 28 RBI's.

I asked Jayden what some accomplishments are that she is most proud of. She replied " I am very proud of being chosen as a Futures All American for PGF. There are so many amazing athletes they could have chosen." She added " I am also very proud to play with my Unity (Virgina Unity travel team) teammates. I love team accomplishments."

Just what was it about LSU that made her feel LSU was the school for her ? She stated "The atmosphere and the focus they have on their female athletes. I felt like they would be a perfect fit and be like a second family for me. I love the coaching staff." On the other the schools courting the highly touted pitcher "I really wanted to play in the SEC. It would have been a privilege to play for any of those teams. I never ruled out any of those programs but my heart was at LSU."

As a pitcher what does she have in her arsenal of weapons " Fastball at 65-66 mph, Change up at 50 mph, curve ball at 66 mph, rise ball at 64-66 mph and a drop ball at 64-65 mph. Clearly not a shortage of ways to beat you. When asked what LSU fans can expect from her " A student athlete who is dedicated and committed to be successful in the class room and on the softball field. I want them to know that I will give 100% for my team."

On if there are any of the other commitments she has developed a bond with "I play with Destiny Harris now on Unity. We have a really close bond. I can’t wait to play with her at LSU." What does she do away from softball ? She replied "I enjoy going to the beach, working out and sleeping. Just trying to relax." LSU is getting a player that will be able to help this program in so many ways.

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