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Breaking Down LSU Softball's Impressive Opening Week Performance

The Lady Tigers started their season Thursday night against Nicholls with a dominant performance that ended 8-0 with a mercy rule after 5 innings. The fireworks did not stop there and the ladies played Memphis and Pitt each twice over Friday and Saturday and won those 4 games by a combined score of 39-0. In the process they got a lot of good reps throughout the entire roster. Lets look at how they did it.

While the bats were very impressive the pitching in and the defense were very impressive. The LSU pitching staff threw five complete-game shutouts, while using five different pitchers who combined for a total of 29 strikeouts and help the opposition to a .112 batting average. Beth Torina was quoted saying "Five different pitchers, five different players, and I think if we had any questions about our depth, they were answered for us going into next weekend.”

  • Raelin Chaffin - 7.0 IP with 7 Ks , 3 Hits , 2 BB and 0 ER

  • Sydney Berzon - 5.0 IP with 8 Ks , 2 Hits , 0 BB and 0 ER

  • Kelly Lynch - 7.0 IP with 6 Ks , 2 Hits , 3 BB and 0 ER

  • Emma Strood - 5.0 IP with 3 Ks , 2 Hits , 3 BB and 0 ER

  • Emilee Casanova - 5.0 IP with 5 Ks , 2 Hits , 3 BB and 0 ER

Offensively, the Tigers were unstoppable as they scored 47 run with 5 home runs and 40 total hits. Being led by Taylor Pleasants who went on a tear with 4 hits, 2 HR With 1 being a Grandslam, 13 RBIs and walked 3 times . Defensively, Pleasants as usual was on another level. Coach Beth Torina was quoted saying “Taylor is a massive reason for our success and some of the things she did this weekend took work. Most of these balls would go down as hits in other ballparks because those teams don’t have Taylor Pleasants. There is no question that she and the entire defense are a big reason for our success.” It would be an easy selection to list Pleasants as the Player of the week for LSU Daily.

Other Hitters that had stellar performances were Raeleen Gutierrez and Ciara Briggs who both had 5 hits and 5 RBIs. Gutierrez ties Pleasants for the team lead with two homeruns, while Briggs led the team with 8 runs scored.

The Tigers will travel to the Sunshine State to participate in the 2024 Shriners Children’s Clearwater Invitational, presented by EvoShield, from Feb. 15 to 18 in Clearwater, Fla.







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