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Breaking News: LSU Baseball Welcomes Connor Benge to the Mound

The most recent news update from Dallas Baptist University features Connor Benge, a talented right-handed pitcher from Montgomery, Texas, who is poised to showcase his skills in the bullpen for the LSU Tigers.

Unveiling Connor Benge:

Connor Benge may be a newcomer to LSU Baseball, but his roots run deep in Louisiana. Before making waves on the collegiate baseball scene, this Texan prodigy honed his skills right here in the Pelican State. Benge's journey from playing travel ball with the prestigious Louisiana Knights organization prior to joining LSU-E. Before donning the purple and gold jersey of LSU, Connor Benge kick started his collegiate baseball career at LSU-E where he was named a Third Team All-American following his freshman season. He totaled the second-most wins at the NJCAA Division II level (11) . He led the team in ERA (2.82), innings pitched (70.1), and strikeouts (86). Finished his freshman campaign with an 11-1 record for an LSU Eunice team that went 53-5 and reached the regional championship.His time at LSU-E served as the launchpad for his journey to Dallas Baptist University.

During the recent season at DBU, Benge showcased his pitching prowess by delivering a total of 33.0 innings on the mound with a tally of 35 strikeouts.Benge maintained a (5.73 ERA), It is worth noting that Benge primarily served as a reliever for a highly skilled team, indicating his reliability and effectiveness in high-pressure situations. His contributions from the bullpen played a crucial role in supporting his team's success throughout the season, highlighting his value as a key player in the lineup.

In the world of college baseball, new talent like Connor Benge is the lifeblood that keeps the game exciting and dynamic. With his impressive track record and unwavering determination, Benge is poised to make a powerful impact on the LSU Baseball team. His addition to the pitching rotation promises to strengthen the Tigers' defense and elevate their performance on the field.



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