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Breaking : Anthony Eyanson commits to LSU

Attention LSU baseball enthusiasts! Exciting update - Jay Johnson and the LSU Baseball squad have successfully secured Anthony Eyanson from UC San Diego. Eyanson, a standout pitcher in the transfer portal, stands tall at 6'2 and is impressing all with his exceptional abilities. His inclusion in the Tigers' lineup is a significant development that paves the way for a thrilling future in the realm of baseball.

A Diamond in the Rough

Anthony Eyanson is more than just a name; he's a budding star ready to shine brightly on the diamond. Eligible for the 2025 draft, Eyanson has already caught the attention of scouts and experts, with many projecting him to be an early-round pick. His impressive 6-2 record in 14 appearances, including 9 starts and a save, speaks volumes about his skill and determination on the mound.

From the sun-soaked fields of UC San Diego to the vibrant atmosphere of Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge, Eyanson brings a fresh energy and a winning attitude to the team. The Tigers' faithful can expect fireworks every time he takes the mound with his impressive arsenal featuring a 4-seam fastball (95-97 mph), slider (83 mph), and curveball (77-79 mph).

A Star on the Rise

Eyanson took over as the Tritons' starting pitcher on Fridays halfway through the season. He held the fourth-best opponent batting average in the Big West at .190 and was fifth in runs allowed (29), hits allowed (55), and home runs allowed (2). Additionally, he ranked second in total strikeouts and eighth in total strikeouts. Eyanson recorded a season-high of eight strikeouts on three different occasions and gave up one run or less in six of his 14 games. He will surely make a huge impact on this tiger rotation.



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