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Discovering The Future Of Softball : Meet Cayden Tullier

For this installment of Discovering the Future of Softball we did not have to go far to find our next athlete. Cayden Tullier, a Utility player out of Gonzales, LA is someone who I fully expect to see playing and thriving at the college level. From the fielding to the hitting this kid has it all.

Cayden Tullier

Class of 2026 Sophomore At East Ascension

Louisiana Blazers Elite

3B / Catcher / Utility

FRESHMAN STATS : Played 33 Varsity Games

124 PA With 97 AB / .454 AVG / .561 OBP / .928 SLG / 1.489 OPS

HR 10 / Doubles 11 / Triples 4 / BB 25 / RBIs 33 / Runs 44

Defense at 3rd Base : .954 Field Pct / Asst 79/ PO 46

I was able to do a Q&A with Cayden and if you think her freshman stats were impressive, her Sophomore season has been even more impressive. The recently named 2024 USA U18 Women's National Team selection has been on a tear to start her HS campaign. Through 9 games played she has a .615 Batting Average while smashing 4 Homeruns, 2 Doubles, 1 Triple with 12 RBIs and a 1.231 Slugging Pct.

When I asked Cayden if she had any goals she would like to accomplish she stated simply "Make it to a big power 5 college" . I do not think that will be a problem as this kid is a hard worker from everything I have gathered. On the the attributes she feels makes her a great athlete she says "determination, discipline, drive". As you can see above she has MANY great achievements but there is one that stands out to here as she states "I’m very proud that i made the USA team."

She described her style of play in her own words saying "I describe my game thrilling, I give a lot of energy. I love cheering on my teammates, cheering or getting hype when I or my teams make a great play or hit." I asked her to tell me about one of her standout performances and she did not have to think back far as she recalled " My most recent stand out performance that I have is hitting three bombs in one game against Mandeville on all sides of the field. Left, center, and right field. "

When discussing what she loves about the game of softball she stated "All the lessons that come with the game. The game teaches you how to be disciplined, passionate, hard working, and most importantly working with others." Along the way she has had people who have inspired her with one being "My coach, coach Bo, he’s always pushes me. He’s taught me so many lessons in the game." Outside of the game she cherishes family and friends as she stated "My family, they’re very supportive of me. I’m super passionate about meeting new people and making new friends." adding " I love hanging out with my friends."

Out of all of the camps she has been to there was one that stood out to her "Alabama stood out to me the most. I loved the coaches. I especially loved the family they’ve created. The campus is beautiful." Although it is early on in the process there are two programs that she is looking at "Alabama and Ole miss. I love their programs. So much and love and energy they give off. That’s what I look for in colleges."



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