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Discovering The Future of Softball: Meet Macie Bryant

For this installment of Discovering the Future of Softball we were able to talk with Macie Bryant, one of the premiere pitchers for the class of 2027 . Macie plays her High School softball for Texas powerhouse Barber Hills High School. She is highly touted and has the stats to back up her rankings.

Macie Bryant

Class of 2027 Freshman At Barber Hills High School

Impact Gold 2K9 National 14u

Woman's Junior National Team 15U

Right Hand Pitcher

ExtraInnings No.1 Overall Ranking

I was able to do a Q&A with Macie and get her thoughts on her goals, accomplishments, and much more in this highlight of one the bright young stars on the softball circuit.

When I asked Macie about what her goals are she responded with "Win the state championship for 5A, win the power pool in sparkler, and win alliance." She took some time to tell me which of her strengths she believes makes her a great pitcher as she said "My mental toughness and I work well under pressure." On her approach as a pitcher she stated "I try to get ahead with strikes and I try to get outs with balls." She has elite velocity on her pitches for someone who would be a college pitcher much less a high school freshman. She commented on her pitch speed and favorite pitches "My favorite pitches are my rise and change up. My top speed on a walk through is 71 and my fastest speed from the mound is 68.6"

On some of her favorite accomplishments she commented "Playing for the Women’s Junior National Women’s Team and winning the World Cup. Getting ranked #1 by ExtraInnings for the 2023 season. Throwing a perfect game against Japan in the Utsugi Cup." Macie was recently named to the best high school softball freshmen across the nation in 2024 by Sports Illustrated High School News.

"It was such a a honor to apart of the 1st ever U15 team. If I describe the feeling, I felt like I was on top of the world. I loved getting to play with and against girls around the world, and having the opportunity to wear those powerful 3 letters across my chest." On her love to compete she said "I love to compete and getting to play against the best teams all over the country.

She discussed who inspired on her softball journey saying "My dad has helped through many ups and downs. Even when he is tired he will still go out of his way to work with me/watch me play." When she is not playing softball or practicing she said "I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and I also like to read." When discussing the two things most important to her she says "School is important to me and my family is important to me."

When asked if there were any camps that have stood out to her she says "All the camps I have been to were amazing and I look forward to going to many more. They all stand out to me and I just look forward to playing high school ball, select ball, then going to play college ball somewhere." One thing is certain, this is one of the future STARS of college softball so stay tuned to her story



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