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Jalia Lassiter: Embracing a New Chapter at LSU Softball

Updated: Jun 19

It's not every day that a player switches allegiances within the fiercely competitive world of SEC West softball. The recent commitment of Jalia Lassiter, the dynamic centerfielder from Ole Miss to LSU softball has sent shockwaves through the LSU Community. In a candid discussion, Jalia shares the driving force behind her decision.

For Jalia Lassiter, choosing to join the LSU softball team was more than a mere change of uniforms; it represented the embrace of a new challenge and the pursuit of a dream. She shared, "Not being highly recruited out of high school, I've consistently played with determination. I take pride in improving every year, and while I've achieved that, I believe there's more I can accomplish. A fresh start was necessary. Following my discussion with Coach Beth and Coach Bryce, it became clear they were the perfect duo to elevate my abilities. I'm eager to arrive on campus and start working."

What aspect of LSU made it feel like home to Jalia? She explained, "Really, the environment. I've played against them in my last two years at Ole Miss, and every time I played them, it was one of my best games, whether it was at Tiger Park or in the SEC tournament. You know, I really think that was a sign too. Just getting down on campus and talking to the coaches, it was great conversations, and they understood my goals. They wanted to help me reach my goals just as much as I did. I really liked that it felt family-oriented, and just being in that environment with them. So, I'm really excited to get down there and work with them to achieve those goals personally and as a team. I'm very excited for that."

During our conversation, we addressed the challenge of filling the significant gap left by Ciara Briggs and Ali Newland in the outfield, and discussed how Jalia Lassiter could step in and have a positive impact. She expressed her confidence by saying, "I think just knowing how much confidence the coaches have in me and that I have in myself, I know what type of player I am and the swagger that I bring and how much effect I have on an environment with just my swag mentality and athleticism. Just knowing the history of LSU with the outfield, I think it's just going to make me tougher and just make me want to continue their legacy there." The connection between Jalia Lassiter and LSU softball appears almost destined. Her dynamic presence on the field and unwavering love for the game echo the legendary outfielders who have played for LSU in the past.

Outside of softball, she says her favorite thing to do is spending time with family. She explained, "So I'm a big family person. I tend to do any family things that I can do because I know how much time they put in and how much time softball really takes up. So, I try to spend every second with my family. Right now, I'm home helping my little sisters; they actually play softball as well. I coach their little team and help them. So, I'm really just trying to get back to the environment and anything that helps me relax and lets me be me." Her hometown in Alabama is only 3 hours away, so her family will be able to drive and see her play.

Securing a spot on the NFCA All-South Region Second Team, the centerfielder started in all 58 games for the Rebels. She led her team with 61 hits and held a .314 batting average, placing her ninth in the SEC. She tallied 16 extra-base hits, with four being triples. In 19 games, she recorded multiple hits, scored 34 runs, and drove in an additional 29. With 18 stolen bases, she achieved a .404 on-base percentage and upheld a .987 fielding percentage, committing just one error in 77 chances.

Embracing the Legacy: A New Chapter Begins

For Jalia, stepping onto the field at Tiger Park will not just be a continuation of her softball career but a celebration of the legacy she is set to create. The echoes of her past triumphs against LSU now serve as a prelude to the boundless potential she brings to her new team. The stage is set for Jalia Lassiter to etch her name in LSU softball history with her unparalleled skill and unwavering dedication.



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