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No.1 2025 Louisiana Softball Player Kylee Savant, LSU Commit Talks her Commitment & More ...

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

This 2025 LSU recruiting class is beginning to take shape and it is quite impressive. One of the more recent commits Kylee Savant is a massive pickup. Savant is ranked the top player in the state of Louisiana and No.28 overall by ExtraInnings. She was kind enough to take some time and discuss many things including, why LSU and much more.


Doyle High School Tigers

18U Hotshots National Nelson

Class of 2025


No. 1 Player in Louisiana

No.28 Nationally by Extrainnings

29 Career HR, 100+ RBIs ,100+ Walks, .600 OBP

Has played HS Softball since 7th Grade (COVID Year cut Short)

3x All-State Selection (8th, 9th and 10th grade seasons)

Has over 1,000 career points in Basketball

All-State Selection in Basketball

Kylee on why she chose Louisiana " I'm a Louisiana kid and the campus is 30 minutes from my house. I've been on campus since I was five years old attending games and camps. The place just feels like home." On what it means to her to be able to wear the purple and gold as a Louisiana girl " It means a lot ! I've worked my whole life to have an opportunity to play at this level. I'm super excited to be given that chance in my hometown." She says the LSU coaching staff sees her playing Catcher but she can also play corner. She chose LSU over Multiple SEC Programs , BIG 12, ACC and some top mid majors.

When asked to describe her game she said " High energy, leader , great teammate and someone who loves the game." On her strongest asset " Commanding the game. I want to make my pitchers feel confident in every pitch they throw." Regarding being ranked the top player in the state " It's a huge honor because I know how much talent in this 2025 class and to be recognized at the top is awesome." On how being a two-sport athlete helps her "It helps my conditioning and makes my footwork quicker."

We discussed the 2025 class which she is a part of and also the loaded 2023 and 2024 classes. When asked if these girls talk amongst each other regarding the special things they can do together at LSU, Kylee responded with " It is briefly brought up here and there." She added " The 2023-2025 classes all want to be the best at our skill and bring the best we have to offer to the field. I look forward to competing with them and against the best in the game. I am very excited to play for a team with the knowledge and experience the LSU coaching staff has."

Regarding the players she is looking forward to playing with or having bonded together "On my new team I have two 2024 LSU commits Zoe Calvez and Sa'Mya Jones. Another 2024 commit I Know is Alix Marie, we go way back. We used to be 8u teammates and have stayed in touch over the years. In the 2025 class I know Cali Deal, she's another Louisiana girl and we have played a few times in travel ball over the years."

She says she looked up to past LSU Tigers "Being a fan the last 11 years and going to a bunch of games I've always enjoyed watching Sahvanna Jaquish, Bianka Bell, and Carley Hoover." She says of a current player Raeleen Gutierrez is someone who stands out to her " In 2021, I attended a prospect camp and Rae was my team leader. Rae brings the energy and always has a smile on her face."

She says of when she is not playing softball " I love hanging out with my friends. Most of my friends play sports and are my biggest fans. I also enjoy playing basketball." She added, regarding family and friends " My who family are big LSU fans! Actually a close friend to my family and I, Jude Jarreau, tragically passed away last year and was a huge LSU fan. He would always tell me that he couldn't wait to see me in purple and gold! Always one of my biggest supporters and we miss him BIG !

Jude Jarreau

Her message to tiger fans in what to expect from her "A Competitor ! I love to compete in everything I do. I'm proud to wear the purple and gold and i will go to work everyday to be a leader and bring lots of energy while doing it."

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