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Home Grown Star : AC Froehlich Embarks on her LSU Freshman Campaign

LSU Head Coach Tonya Johnson locked down the Louisiana Gatorade Player of the Year with the addition AC Froehlich. This incoming freshman is coming in off of a big year at St.Thomas More High School in Lafayette,La. Where on the season she posted 541 Kills, 281 Digs, 51 Blocks in her senior season. She took some time to discuss whats to come at LSU with me .

I asked AC what was it about LSU that stood out to her and made it feel like the right place and she says" I felt that the community of the fans and also of the team and coaching staff made my decision a very easy one. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful even before I had even committed, which wasn’t the case with everywhere I had visited. I am excited for the competitiveness of the team, an environment in which I think I will thrive." On who the runners up were that LSU beat out she stated " If I’m being completely honest, the moment LSU showed interest, all other schools were pretty much out of the picture. LSU is the dream, and now I’m living it." She added "I visited a few other schools, mostly in Louisiana such as UL, as well as schools like Southern Miss. None compared to what LSU had to offer, though.

Being a Louisiana girl we discussed what it feels like to get to represent her state at LSU "It means more than words can describe. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to wear an LSU jersey and stay in Louisiana. The culture and fan support of LSU just can’t be matched." She describes her playing style for me "I think I am a fairly level-headed player for the most part. I get overexcited and a little over competitive at times, but overall, it’s about the game." She adds "My strongest asset, I think is my willingness to learn and commitment to what I love. If I love something, I hold on to it, I feel like, obsess over it. "

When asked about her goals for her Freshman season "to improve as much as possible as well as push my teammates to be the best that they can possibly be as well." She has a few teammates she looks forward to playing with "I am really excited to play with Jurnee Robinson. She is an incredible talent who looks really fun to watch and share the court with. I also cannot wait to play with Mika Rome, setter from Israel. I know she has plenty of insight to share from all of her experiences that are so different from mine."

On accomplishments she is most proud of "My favorite thing ever was my high school team’s two state championships. The bond that the team came in my senior season is incomparable and I am so grateful for the team that I had last year. That team also lead to me being named Louisiana Gatorade Player of the Year, a title in which would was only achievable with an incredible group of people playing alongside me."

On what is most important to her in her life "My faith, first of all. I think my relationship with God is an important part of my life that I need to carry with me through college. My friends are also a big part of my life, and I owe a lot of big things in my life to them and the support and love that they give me! Lastly, my family is very important to me, they have always been supportive of my dreams and I will always appreciate them for that! "

Touching on family, I asked her if she had any family ties to LSU she says quite the opposite "My family are huge ULL fans, with my cousin Hayden Cantrelle playing baseball there, as well as my brother being committed there for baseball. That being the college close to home, they are tied there. But I’m making LSU fans out of them! " I asked if they were ULL fans prior to her cousin playing there and she replied with "They were for sure all huge UL fans! My parents met there and of course those other family ties, but I knew that I needed to be far enough from home to kind of get to know myself outside of my hometown, and I wanted a school that would push me to be the best version of myself. I felt like LSU was the place to do that."

AC is a true athlete as she played multiple sports at a high level in high school "I only played those two (volleyball and basketball) in high school, but that was definitely enough in high school along with club volleyball stuff! Growing up I kind of did a little bit of everything though. I loved cross country in middle school, and honestly still like the long distance stuff now! Multi-sport is the way to go though, in my opinion! " She shared more on why she feels being a multi-sport athlete is important "I think that the many benefits of being a multi-sport athlete starts with preventing burnout first and foremost. You take your mind off of your primary sport while still being active and competitive. Also, injury prevention. New muscles are worked in new sports. It’s different movements and focuses, and I think that is very beneficial personally. I loved it in high school for sure! "

We will close with her parting message for LSU fans "I take pride in my culture and myself. I am lucky to be in the position that I am in and I am lucky to be here. I won’t be super flashy, that’s not my style, but I will always show my love for the sport, the state, and the school. LSU is a special place, I won’t let people forget it! "


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