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2024 Softball Prospect : Alexia Carrasquillo

I recently read an article on ExtraInnings about Alexia Carrasquillo that really caught my attention for the person that she is and her faith and dedication to the game. I highly recommend that you read it if you have not read it yet. This article though will be on Alexia, the player.

Alexia is currently playing with Unity Ross with current LSU commits Jayden Heavener and Destiny Harris, both in the 2024 class. She took off the last high school season off to focus on her training. In the 2022 Season

2022 HS Stats : 459 AVG, 11 doubles, 5 triples, 6 HRs, 36 runs and 20 RBIs

2020 Summer Stats : 408 AVG, .503 OBP ,15 doubles, 4HRs, 52 RBIs

Alexia is a talented catcher and i asked if that's where she sees herself playing there in college and she says " Although I love catching and spend a great deal of time improving that skill set, I feel I am a softball player first and foremost. I train my infield skills as well and will play wherever the coach feels my skills best fits." On some of her accomplishments she is most proud of "winning PGF Nationals one year . Committing to Florida at age 11. Volunteering at my church, feeding the homeless, Winning the MVP for my HS team."

Regarding where things are in her recruitment she says "at this time I’m keeping my options open and trusting whatever door God opens for me." Several schools have shown interest and i am evaluating all interest with open eyes. I really want to showcase my talents this summer and make a decision that suits myself and the University cohesively. I want to grow with the program and be a great teammate." Has their been any interest from LSU ? She added "not at the moment directly."

On how she describes herself as player "I am a hard worker. A leader , a great team mate , and a committed individual . I have a great sense of humor and a great personality." Outside of softball she says she enjoys a multitude of things like "singing , going to the movies , spending time with my friends , attending church, going to the beach, and spending time with my parents and my dogs."

Alexia is someone of great character, talent and will be someone we are monitoring . You have to love her unbreakable spirit and will to succeed.

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